The  state of education in the Gauteng province is such that high schools offer Creative arts as a compulsory subject in grade 8 and 9, from which learners are given two options depending on the school’s financial resources. I f the schools are financially well resourced they offer at least one of the four art disciplines within the Creative Arts (visual art, music, dance, drama)from grade 10-12. If the school has limited financial resources, they would have to approach or be approached by art organisations or individual arts practitioners to allow some involvement in arts education. At times they do not have teachers to implement this. It is because of that the art programs in our organisation are implemented on.


Established in 2011, KEEP THE DREAM ARTS is a Gauteng based Non Profit Company that is responsible for community arts education, entertainment programmes developing and supporting learners in Gauteng.  Our approach to the arts is to apply creative methods and collaborate different types of art forms to provide unique and meaningful arts educational programming


Our objective is to educate, support build learners through our various art project and bridge the gap in schools and in community through access of art education resources and pedagogy


Keep the Dream Arts vision is to bridge the gap  in schools through our art programmes and  in community spaces through our holiday programmes to bridge the gap through access of arts education, resources and pedagogy.

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