Visual Arts. Session 4

This week’s session began with a brief conversation about the previous session at the Goethe institute. Because of the subject matter, the conversation was easy to start as I noticed that everyone had an opinion or thought to share. Again because of the subject matter of the show, there were obvious divisions within the class as views differed on the topic of homosexuality in society. The conversation quickly turned into a two sided debate, however the students were matured enough to consider each person’s views. I would say the conversation/debate was successful as the open platform was a free enough space for everyone to voice their personal feelings on the matter.

During the second part of the session, we discussed ideas around the possibility of hosting a showcase event for the rest of the school at the end of the term. Basic ideas were thrown around and students identified what they would like to contribute. The class then split into 4 groups: dancing, music, drama and design.
The following weeks will be dedicated to the creating of the showcase.
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