Artucation Program

Artucation Program is an interdisciplinary art education program  for learners particular in schools where there is no art as a subject. This program has been part of KTDA since 2014 where initially begin with 4 schools in the Johannesburg CBD but has expanded to more schools . 

The schools participating in the program will be allocated a facilitator who is an expect to a certain art discipline, and this facilitator will create work with the learners through a series of workshops . The process of creation is usually made up of ten workshops where the facilitator and the learners engage and explore ideas to finally come with an end product.

 At the end of the program as per norm Keep The Dream Arts  a reflects  at the end of each term with the facilitators on the whole process. At the end of year there will be an event, showcasing learner’s process where all the schools will showcase all the work they have been doing 

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