Day 1: Theory: Walk about and In conversation

2018 Teen connect at WAM

History on South African History and Sam Nhlengethwa, with the fusion of Music, Journalism and Art. Students will be given a walk about of the exhibition and be invited to join in a conversation around music, art and journalism as story telling (Inganekwane). 

Learners are to stand close to the works they like, and draw their interpretation of modern society social ills and themes around this. (to collect this and put away: Don’t talk or facilitate around it)

Puleng is to select ONE artwork, which speaks to them as a group.

They will be grouped in 3 disciplines that represent the topic of THIS ONE ARTWORK with 3 groups of 10 or 6 groups of 5. 

  • Journalism is to prepare a story or radio presentation
  • Drama is to prepare an interpretation of the work 
  • Musicians to make music

Presentation in groups: journalism, Music and Drama

This is to prepare us for the week in thinking about how one story can be interpreted into different disciplines. 

Materials: A4 paper (x60), kokis, pencils, erasers, sharpeners.

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