Day 4: Interdisciplinary Communications

Session 1: I will speak to the different disciplinary translations of a story, taken from an example from day 1. Learners will then divide themselves according to Writer, Musician and Painter using the same stories from day 2. 

They have a theatre piece and they have a problematic poster which speaks to oppression. How do they, in their groups, change the image. 

For his learners much group themselves into Musicians and Artists (Painters and Printers).

  • The musicians must add music to Transitional scenes 30 seconds. 
  • Print makers must make Ideal text of the protest posters. 
  • Painters must complete theirpainings 

Each facilitator will be stationed at one table for assistance

Session 2: They must come together as a group and discuss how to make the Drama, Music and Art come together to one performance. 

Materials: A0 papaer (x10), A4 Paper, Kokis, pencils, erasers, sharpeners, 4 Set of Brushes, Water buckets (x3) disposable cups, mixing trays,

10 paints: Yellow, Red, Blue, Green, Black, White, Pink, Orange, Brown, Purple. 

2 screens, 4 Squeegee Wooden Handles, scissors, and 4 ink colours 

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