Facilitator: Prominent Ndlovu

Lesson 1: Introduction to Visual Art

Prominent Ndlovu
 had his first session in his school New Model Private College. He was working with the Grade 8 learners. His first session was energetic as they started with ‘Introduction to Fine Art’’. He had assistance from his colleague Mqhele Mafu. There was huge excitement and anticipation for the next session. These are some of the sketches they made

​​Lesson 2: Drawing and rating artworks and the drawings
Second session and Prominent was positive about his class with all the creative vibration going on in their space​

Lesson 3: Painting, Screen painting, Practical tasks (Field trip to JAG)
This was the first Field trip in Term 2 and it was at JAG, 19 Learns came through. It was a great success as the class was energetic. There were few challenges, like some learners found it difficult to use the “Paint brushes” which dragged the session longer, however it was great learning curve for most people in class.
Lesson 4: Presentation on different forms of art

​ Lesson 5: How to communicate through drawings

After a very long weekend, Prominent decided to have 2 sessions per day as oppose to one session that he has been conducting. The class was vibrant and awesome, since Prominent introduce the “Challenge”, which was a practical challenge that had to be done during the session.  The class accepted it as a friendly one even though they want real prices.
Lesson 6: Collection of the best artworks from the artist
Since the class is demanding real prices, Prominent is hoping for trophies, badges or name tags, with a writing “Legend of Art” at the bottom the names of the learners. Both sessions were a great success!!


Lesson 7: Presentation on arts forms
Prominent is all about motivating and inspiring, and his sessions are always a great success. Puleng was a great inspiration in class as she is a role model to them. They gladly accepted the change about the camp and continued with the session.
Lesson 8: Discussions of the whole process of the previous session
Lesson 9: Presentation on arts forms
Prominent class was getting bigger and better, his learners were able to draw objects that they did not think they can draw. So he had been able to recruit new learners who are also able to share the same experience
Lesson 10: reflections on all the previous learning experience
This was the last session which was so amazing that it was extended longer to 16:15. The session was also artistic and motivational and they enjoyed it. Prominent is grateful to Puleng!!!

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