Facilitator: Gladys Agulhas

Lesson 1: Introduction to Dance Theory
 The sessions begin with different excises, creating a group movement and sound pictures.
Lesson 2: Dance Theory Class
Dance theory was a diverse conversation on all forms of dance. Encouraging leaners that dance is just as important as Maths and Science and is equal in all its formal.There were books with different art form of dance, from classic Ballet, American dance and Afro-fusion, to Hip-hop and break dancing. But the most importantly was the integration of all art forms with each other. Music, Drama, Visual Arts and film, they have an important and relevant role that they play on their own, but most importantly together. What was done for practical was ‘Greeting Game’ with and without sound and the ‘Trusting game’ as the learners did not know each other very well. The turn-out of learners was pleasant expect the issue of safety.

Lesson 3: Dance Theory Class
Gladys Session began with a meeting, where they were discussing concerns about the “Artucation Program” being after school as a concern of safety. The solution was to rather the session during school times maybe during the learner’s break.They were given a task where they had questions that they had to answer on their own.
Lesson 4:  Group Exploration / discover Day 1
Gladys had a successful parents meeting, where she was formally introducing the program to parents and also informing them about the camp.
The session was great as Gladys had her learns discussing “Teamwork”. They were focusing on what it means and the importance of being proactive sharing ideas as a GROUP. Through this exercise the learners also discuss the sticky situations in their school environment. These points are going to be valid for the next session.
Lesson 5:  Group Exploration / discovery – Own theme   
A blessed day Gladys had with her learners, where she manage to get them to write their own thoughts on the school situation and also one learner wrote a poem. They did some warm up movements that were a stimulation from the poem. Till the next session where they will be exploring with different sounds.
Lesson 6: Group Exploration / Creative Process Own theme-Combination of All Arts Forms.
Learners creating picture frames in groups from the poem.
Lesson Plan 7: Creative Process Own theme-Combination of All Arts Forms Exploration / discovery
Up until this far the learners have been working with the poem, where they have taken some section and mirrored it with a dance. And the learners that draws have done some sketches based on the poem and the movements.
They also did voice exercises to prepare their voices for projection when they incorporate voices with movements.

Lesson number 8:         Group Exploration / Creative Process Own theme-Combination of All Arts Forms
This session is taking place during the exam week; however it was possible for Gladys to have her session after their paper. Even though not all of them came, only 9 learners were available. She divided them into the disciplinary of their interest. They revisited the discussion on their school environment looking at the negative and the positive they encounter. They wrote everything down, and had to draw images that reflex their discussions.
It was very a very productive and a positive session, the learners enjoyed and Gladys was inspired by them. Again she could see progress in finding ways to show learners how each discipline complements each other.
Lesson 9: Group Creative Process Own theme-Combination of All Arts Forms, continue
This was a continuous session, where they continued to work with body sculptures through making the visual artist work come into life.  The different groups also worked on their slogans for their specific themes each group has come up with.
Each of the three groups have been drawing their themes they work with. The work is really moving positively forward.
Lesson 10: Group Exploration / Creative Process Own theme –Final touches, Work In Progress- Product on Dance Art Film
A very interesting session and learners were more into it. Some learners continued with the theme drawings and the other were working and writing their poems and some discussions were addressing wardrobe and how this also is an import factor in all arts discipline.
Extra lessons: Preparing for the Showcase day
The Kliptown Secondary school learners were preparing themselves for the showcase day.  During the session they were hands on, creating t-shirts and other were completing their drawings it was all about the teamwork
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