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Artucation Programme Special Project for A LABOUR OF LOVE exhibition

Artucation Programme Special Project for

A LABOUR OF LOVE exhibition

The exhibition A LABOUR OF LOVE focused on key part of the Weltkulturen Museum’s contemporary art collection from South Africa which the museum acquired in 1986. These works were all produced by activist artists, including internationally renowned figures such as Peter Clarke, Lionel Davis, David Koloane and Sam Nhlengethwa.

A LABOUR OF LOVE re-examines works inspired by different readings of the idea of love – prints, paintings, sculptures and to date unpublished archival materials reflect on the theme from interpersonal relations to the passion and commitment which influenced both the creation of the works and the history of the collection’s acquisition.

Artucation Program

During the 2015 A LABOUR OF LOVE exhibition, a special collection was created through ten new works produced by Gabi Ngcobo and four South African art students, who have dealt with the collection and its specific history. 

The Artucation Programme works in a similar manner by allowing learners to interact with an exhibition, discuss its content and re-interpret the works in a personal more relatable manner. The Artucation Programme facilitated a 5 day Holiday Programme Workshop for 3 hours a day, where learners were encouraged to work with the A LABOUR OF LOVE exhibition. The workshops took place from the 2 – 6 October during school holidays.

Proposed Programme:

Day 1: Introduction to the exhibition

Walk about of the exhibition and discussion with Historical background 

Wringing themes questioning “What is your Labour of Love”

Day 2: Talk Show and Drawing workshop

Guest Artist: Michelle Monareng

Learners interviewed student Michelle Monareng who participated in the 2015 A LABOUR OF LOVE exhibition. The talk show was to better understand her interpretation of the exhibition, historical content as a young artist and her artworks.

This process was followed by a sketch/drawing workshop which unfussed ideas of A LABOUR OF LOVE which aroused from the previous day and the talk show, but in learners own interpretation as “Born Frees”. 

Day 3: Printmaking Workshop

Guest Artist: Chad Cordeiro and Nathaniel Sheppard

Day 3 was an experimentation with printmaking techniques co facilitated by the collective Chad Cordeiro and Nathaniel Sheppard. The collective was also part of the 2015 exhibition, they had teach the learners not only to create line-cuts, but how to allow the conceptual content to read in their artworks they had created

Day 4: Completion, Presentation and Performance

Learners were encouraged to complete their prints and group them according to similar themes. This was to followed by a presentation and discussion of their works and related themes. We then grouped learners according to those themes where each group had to think of a 5 minute performance as embodiment of the prints.

Day 5: Reflection and Farewell

On the last day we had to facilitate an applied drama technique for reflection. The learners had to embody respond from the previous sessions through performance.

The purpose of these workshops was to allow learners to engage with the existing artworks and further interpret them as their own. By introducing them to the History of South Africa and what the meaning of the art works carry, they were able to come up with their own associations as a Born Free youth through printmaking and performance. 

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