Visual Arts. Collective Decisions and Talent Show Prep.

The session this week revolved mainly on making decisions about a possible showcase for the rest of the school. However since there’s only 2 weeks left of the school term and only one last facilitation for the term, a collective decision was made that perhaps the showcase would be best suited for the beginning of the next term as that would allow enough time for preparation.
The class also collectively decided that the last session of the term (22 March) would be used for a mini “talent show” that would be staged for everyone who has been part of the program.
Most of the learners also expressed the desire to share their talents amongst themselves as I also found out that the class has an array of learners that are interested in some field of the arts, ranging from painters, dancers, musicians and performers.
The session was followed by a short game in storytelling through image making. 

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