Wits Arts Museum

Leeto: A Sam Nhlengethwa Print Retrospective

Teen Connect Facilitation

Day 1: Theory: Walk about and In conversation

History on South African History and Sam Nhlengethwa, with the fusion of Music, Journalism and Art. Students were given a walk about of the exhibition and were invited to join in a conversation around music, art and journalism as storytelling (Inganekwane). 

Learners were asked to stand close to the works they liked, and draw their interpretation of modern society social ills and themes around them. (to collect this and put away: They had to talk or facilitate around them)

Puleng selected ONE artwork, which spoke to them as groups.

They were grouped in 3 disciplines that represent the topic of THIS ONE ARTWORK with 3 groups of 10 or 6 groups of 5. 

  • Journalist were asked to prepare a story or radio presentation
  • The drama one’s were asked to prepare an interpretation of the work 
  • Musicians to make music

Presentation in groups: journalism, Music and Drama

This was to prepare us for the week in thinking about how one story can be interpreted into different disciplines. 

Day 2: Drawing, Printing and Painting workshop

Day 1 artworks were placed on the floor and learners were asked to group themselves according to themes. They needed to explain why. This was how they were grouped for the duration of the week.

They were encouraged to draw and paint ONE poster which spoke to this. 

While they painted and draw, Puleng spoke to the print makers and made examples of printing making stencils as protest posters.


Day 3: Inganekwane – Image Theatre

Real Image, Ideal Image, and Transitional Image of our current state of societal issues

Day 4: Interdisciplinary Communications

Session 1: We spoke to different disciplinary translations of a story, taken from an example from day 1. Learners divided themselves according to Writers, Musician and Painter using the same stories from day 2. 

They had a theatre piece and they had a problematic poster which spoke to oppression. How they, in their groups, change the image. 

The learners were to group themselves into Musicians and Artists (Painters and Printers).

  • The musicians had to add music to Transitional scenes 30 seconds. 
  • Print makers had to make Ideal text of the protest posters. 
  • Painters had to complete their paintings 

Each facilitator were stationed at one table for assistance

Session 2: They had to come together as groups and discuss how to make the Drama, Music and Art come together to one performance. 

Day 5: Showcase

It was the last preparation and showcase

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